At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle

Chataniere Lodge Tree House

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Set about fifteen feet above the ground, high in the trees, deep in the Rosalie Forest, an amazing accommodation : Chataiere Lodge Tree house. ‘ Chataniere Lodge’, so named because it has a beautiful Chataniere (butress root) Tree growing in the centre of the house, allowing and the full beauty of this ancient tree to be seen from right inside the house.To reach the treehouse is a 15 minute steep uphill rocky hike, with a reasonable level of fitness required, deep into the forest jungle.This tree house is rustic, comfortable, and extremely large, and is furnished with a double bed, and up to 3 extra single beds can be added for a small fee. The floor is made of Boit Diabla (local termite-proff hardwood), a tin roof, and the rest is a bamboo structure. There are benches, tables and shelves for your belongings.

Below the house, set into the enormous tree roots, is your shower, the walls being partly tree roots, and partly bamboo. The rain water is collected in a tank from the roof to provide all your water, and a drinking water filter system is provided inside the room.

Deep in the forest, bugs are unavoidable, so a net is provided. But rest assured, although you will get the incredible opportunity to see plenty of insects and bugs of all shapes sizes and colours, there is absolutely nothing that can really do you harm.

The treehouse has its modern composting toilet with face basin in the house. Electric lights are powered by a small wind/solar system providing ample light. There are no power outlets in the forest, but there is a charging station in the main office. The communal kitchen is available on the lower property.

MINIMUM 2 NIGHTS STAY IN TREE HOUSE:  To reach the treehouse is a 15 minute steep uphill rocky hike, with a reasonable level of fitness required, deep into the forest jungle.

The 15 minute steep uphill rocky jungle trail (NO EXAGGERATION) to reach the Rosalie Forest bamboo tree houses is just the beginning of the adventure; without the hike, or with vehicles, the atmosphere, the seclusion, and wildlife would just not be the same. The morning light and the nightly nature musical noises, form an ambiance that is totally unique.

For some the first time hiking to the forest can be tiring, but as you become accustomed, you will understand and enjoy the non stop nature walking experience to reach the bamboo tree houses,; and also the reason for minimum 2 nights stay.

Gary our donkey can carry your bags on arrival or departure, on his timetable not yours, and your personal jungle porter/guide/chef is available for hire on request.

room only US$ 50 per room per night : 1-3 sharing

US$ 10 per additional person (4 or 5), maximum 5 people

linen/towels included; NO daily room cleaning service