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Community projects


The nearest village to 3 Rivers is called Grand Fond, and is home to around 1,000 people. Some of our workers are from this village, some others come from the nearest village in the other direction, Petite Soufriere. This is in keeping with our social policy.

As well as working closely with the local villages to offer a number of community based activities for our guests, we also offer a community homestay programme, where visitors can spend one night with a family to experience village life for real, and the host gets a good income for their time. click here for details

Some of our other community projects include:

Computer Mission dominica – 200 computers installed in schools and workshops on maintenance held at each school

Grand Fond Pre school Scholarship fund

The schools visit us for free to get an eco education tour.

The local school has a library for the village, using books supplied initially from one of our guests, Peg Pattee. Staff from 3 Rivers installed all the electricity and donated the parts for the work carried out.

We bought a washing machine for a lady in the village and she now has her own laundry business. As well as doing the laundry for us and our guests, she is also able to provide a service for the villagers.

We have sponsored the village cricket team by providing them with a large amount of new equipment.

We have sponsored one of the village bands, The Blazing Squad, by helping towards the cost of a new keyboard which they greatly need, and by showcasing them, and other local bands The Sucroze Band and The Real Vibes Band, occasionally here, at 3 Rivers.

We have hosted environmentally educational school visits for a few of the island’s schools, and continue to offer this free service to all schools in Dominica. We also offer this service to all interested parties, and all of our staff are fully trained in all of our environmental policies.

We ran an art competition in Grand Fond School to design our roadside banners. The four winners won some art equipment and a weekend at 3 Rivers, during which time we held an art workshop and transferred their paper designs onto the large roadside banners which can be seen today around Dominica. We donated some art equipment to the school in order to run the competition.

If you would like to know more about any of our environmental policies and practices, please feel free to contact us any time, and we will always be more than happy to help.

We have a small library in our bar, which contains a whole host of useful information and technical details about all of our systems, and other systems which we do not yet use.