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Here are the main lakes of Dominica :

The FRESHWATER LAKE, Dominica’s largest lake, located 2,500 feet above sea level, is about a three hour hike from 3 Rivers, with truly spectacular views across the mountains back down to Rosalie Bay.
Alternatively, you can drive from 3 Rivers directly to the edge of the lake in about an hour and a half.
The main hydro-electric system providing 40% of the power for much of the island takes its water from the Freshwater Lake.
The views all around are absolutely stunning, and there is a fantastic one hour hike on a beautiful trail which circles the entire lake. Join our regular hike to the FRESHWATER LAKE

The BOERI LAKE  is about a 45 minute uphill hike from the Freshwater Lake.It is a magical place : shrouded in mist one moment, and clear and bright seconds later. As long as you are not unfit, the trail is not too difficult. This is one of my favourite spots on the island!

Join our regular hike along the trail to the world famous BOILING LAKE : probably the most spectacular of Dominica’s hikes. Officially described as “a strenuous 3-hour each way hike”, it does include a lot of steps and plenty of ups and downs. However, the trail is very well-maintained, and, after warming up on some of the island’s shorter walks, this one is well worth the effort, and, for most people, not as tough as might be expected.

Perhaps the best thing about this trip is the variety. The path starts with a long section winding through the rainforest of the Morne Trois Pitons national park, where you’ll see all sorts of tropical trees and flowers, such as endemic species of fern, bromeliads, palms, hear vibrant jungle sounds, including the enchanting mountain whistler, and the distinctive ting-ting beetle, and it is not long before the heady scent of the forest takes on a sulphur tinge.

You’ll cross rivers (there’s plenty of drinking water to be found throughout), and get occasional glimpses of the views to come. As you begin to ascend Morne Nichols, the flora begins to change to montagne forest, and you find yourself traversing a ridge that offers spectacular views, until you reach the summit, from where one can see all of Dominica’s peaks, the boiling lake steaming in the distance, and the distant sight of Roseau and the Caribbean Sea in the west, the Atlantic to the east, and Guadeloupe in the north. It is breathtaking.
Of course, the weather makes a huge difference, but even on only a relatively dry day (just a few scattered showers), it is special.

From here, the trail descends, quite sharply in places, until you come down into the VALLEY OF DESOLATION. It is not as desolate as one might imagine ; there is enough rainfall on this island for true desolation to be unlikely anywhere. The rocky valley floor follows a hot stream, and is punctuated by bubbling pools, and fierce, steam-spouting geysers. It doesn’t take long to cross, unless you find yourself mesmerized by a plethora of geothermal activity, and the trail picks up again where the montagne returns.

Shortly you reach a group of small falls and pools, where the water is warm, and one could easily pass hours soaking up the minerals and letting the powerful hot water drop down onto your head and shoulders for a wonderful massage, a treat that you might want to save for the return journey. On winds the trail, criss-crossing the warm river, up and down through the forest, until you come out on another lunar-like valley. Across here and around the next ridge and you’ve reached the final destination. You stand on a clifftop, confronted by a misty scene of steam.
The wind changes, and the lake is there before you. It is really boiling, like a vast cauldron, storming geothermal waves pulsating through the body of water, rolling, churning, other-wordly.

A short and easy half hour walk from the sleepy village of Boetica, taking in spectacular cliff and sea views, brings you to the GLASSI POINT, a big flat piece of lava rock with a large hole in the middle filled with sea water, where you can take a refreshing bath when the sea is calm enough, and enjoy the stunning views from the cool pool.
The hike back up to the village is a little more tiring!