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waitukubuli National trail


The Waitukubil National Trail : Hike The Nature Isle
We are the proud sponsors of Segment 5 of The Waitukubuli National Trail – Hike The Nature Isle
We are now offering a 16 day package, hiking all 14 segments of the national trail. Follow this link for full details.

The Waitukubuli National Trail , is an amazing way to see Dominica. Traversing the island in 14 segments, the trail is never ending beauty. Take a break after segment 4 or 5, and come and spend a few day at the eco lodge. If you are staying with us, we offer guided hikes of the segment 5, which passes from Pond Casse in the middle of the island, via The Emerald pool inside the morne trois pitons national park world heritage site, to the Castle Bruce, near the Kalinago Indian reserve.

Segment 5 – DETAILS

Pont Casse to Castle Bruce
This trail nestled within the Morne Trois Pitons World Heritage Site, features the long standing contributions of our indigenous people, the struggles of a resilient people and the value of our forest and water resources.Distance (km): 12.8 ; Estimated Walking time (hrs): 6 ; Type of hike: Easy hike, family hike
Areas of interest: Old road (Carib trace) ; Emerald Pool & facility ; Castle Bruce Swamp ; Forest station & nurseryNeg Maron Headquarters ; Savanne David ; Castle Bruce Village ; Jaco Cave ; Morne Turner (Morne Neg Maron) ; Creole Gardens