At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle



At 3 Rivers we are privileged to be only a short walk from one of the most popular turtle nesting beaches in Dominica, at Rosalie Bay.

Between about the end of March and September, three types of sea turtle occasionally stop off to lay eggs : the Giant Leatherback, the Hawksbill and the Green Turtle.
Later on in the year, their newly hatched offspring can be seen scurrying down Rosalie Bay towards their new, watery home. There is a sea turtle initiative in operation at the Rosalie beach, and the Dominica sea turtles are monitored and tagged for conservation and education purposes.

As long as you respect the few guidelines we will give you, you are welcome to wander down to Rosalie bay beach in the hope of seeing The Rosalie Sea Turtles in action on one of the most beautiful beaches in Dominica, at Rosalie Bay. If you do choose to go, obviously there is no guarantee that you will see them.
Whether or not you actually get to see the turtles, a quiet night on a moonlight beach is a pretty cool way to pass some time.

Access to the beach at Rosalie bay is free and public. Whilst at the beach, you may well meet the locals who work for the Dominica sea turtle conservation organsiation (DOMSETCO). If they give instructions , please listen to them. and they will be able to give you an insight into the habits of these wonderful creatures.We actively encourage donations to the guys who work for the Dominica Sea turtle conservation organisation DOMSETCO US$ 10 / EC$ 26 per person.