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General Hiking

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Dominica, The Nature Island, is famous as a world class hiking destination. From short local hikes to cool and fresh waterfalls, to the more adventurous full day or two adventures.

Pretty much the whole of Dominica is covered in rainforested mountains, and so there are hikes and walks for all levels of fitness and experience, to all sorts of awe-inspiring destinations.

On the edge of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park 3 Rivers is perfectly located for hiking Dominica.

From the 6 or 8 hour return hike to the boiling lake, to the one minute walk to the beginning of the forest, if you want to fully experience the natural beauty of this unspoilt island, you will.
For some of the more difficult hikes you may wish to hire a guide for the day, or if you are alone you may just want some company walking along the way.

Guides are always optional, and are readily available here at 3 Rivers.

Explore the living jungle, the dramatic coastlines, and the awe inspiring views of our beautiful island, in the capable hands of one our experienced, friendly and knowledgeable local tour guides.

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We offer the following regular guided hikes  : general guide prices vary  depending on the location

WAVINE CYRIQUE FALLS – DROPPING OFF A CLIFF INTO THE OCEAN A magnificent waterfall cascading from 100 feet off the cliff directly into the ocean.

The trail to the BOILING LAKE is perhaps the most spectacular of Dominica’s hikes.
Officially described as “a stenuous 3-hour each way hike”, it does include a lot of steps and plenty of ups and downs.

CHEMIN DE LETANG TO THE FRESHWATER LAKE, Dominica’s largest lake, located 2,500 feet above sea level, is about a three hour hike from 3 Rivers, with truly spectacular views across the mountains back down to Rosalie Bay.