At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle

Nature Sites

grand fond deniere falls

For an island with an area of only 290 square miles, Dominica has an incredible amount of spectacular sites to visit.
Apart from the abundance of fresh rivers, dramatic coastlines and vibrant seas, there is an unknown number of fascinating waterfalls, dotted all over the island, waiting to be discovered.
Way up in the mountains, you will find various lakes, each inspiring & unique, as well as the world’s second largest boiling lake, hidden away beyond The Valley of Desolation.

The Boiling Lake is not the only natural hot water you will find in Dominica ; all around the island, there are several hot springs which make you truly ponder the power of nature, and you can truly feel that Dominica is alive!

Most of Dominica is covered in rainforest mountains, and hiking anywhere you are sure to be amazed by the breathtaking views, and amazed at the variety of flora and fauna.