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About Eco Lodge

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Hi, my name is Jem Winston, born & raised in south east England. I am the dreamer, founder & managing director of 3 Rivers & Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge, and I welcome you to Dominica.

I first discovered Dominica in 1990, during my years of  backpacking, in my early 20’s, and fell in love with the place instantly. That love has never faded, and I am proud now to also be a Dominican.After my backpacking days were over, I returned to England to save to buy land in Dominica, to fulfill my dream of living in The Nature Island of The Caribbean, Dominica. I drove a taxi for a few years, doing several other little jobs on the side, saving and saving. During this time my brother expressed an interest in joining the project, making it a real possibility.

So it began, on an overgrown banana plantation, in a remote part, of a remote island in the Caribbean; now my home, The Commonwealth of Dominica.

Click here to read my full story and the history of the ecolodge

My name is Lincoln Thomas and I am from the nearby village of Petite Soufriere, one of the most unspoiled villages on the island.
I mainly work up in the forest, but you may well see me around the main property too ; whatever you need, let me know and I will sort it for you.
lincoln thomas

prince abraham



Good day ,I am Prince Abraham, from the picturesque village of Petite Soufriere, and I do a little bit of everything around the lodge. Anything you need – I am your man, and I also sometimes do tour guiding if you would like me to show you around our beautiful island


kersel Evans




Hey, my name is Kersel Evans. I am around just to help make your stay that extra special bit memorable.

I like to help out with a little of everything around the eco lodge; thinking of your every need.

We are Steve & Petrolina Andrews, from Grand Fond. As well as running the food service at the lodge, we also run a bar and disco in our home village of Grand fond. feel free to come and free up
Steve and Petralina Andrews