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flockystwin falls


You, our special, guest will have the chance to visit some of the most spectacular falls in Dominica, right inside the estate where the Eco Lodge is based. Visit the beautiful Coco Cascades, Flocky’s Falls and the incredible Three Rivers Falls; all in one day.

This incredible waterfall is a simple one hour walk from 3 Rivers. The trail is both beautiful and  involves a well made track and a some river walking. You can bathe under this 100-foot high cold shower and hear the sound of your screams echoing all around. The water drops close to a massive tree which forms a junction between 3 rivers, completely different from the rivers meeting at 3 Rivers itself !! We tell no-one else in Dominica how to find this little gem unless they are our guests.

Situated within the Newfoundland Estate, an hour river hike away from 3 Rivers, these two sets of stunning little cascades will take your breath away. Easy access, stunning rainforest surroundings and plenty of water to bathe in.

Starting right here at 3 Rivers, the hike to Flocky’s falls is short and beautiful through the lush rainforest. You can either follow the river for about an hour and a half, or follow a trail for 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes walking up the river. A cool deep pool on the ridge between the two falls, and it is a truly stunning little spot. Not on the Dominica tourist maps.
The one and only, no other like it, we promise you will be Flockied.