At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle


the magical mermaid river pool

As you must be aware of by now, Dominica has an incredibly large number of rivers for such a small island.

If our own 3 rivers and four natural pools are not sufficient for your needs, then you do not have to go far to get an altogether different experience. Wherever you go in dominica you will see another river, and each of the rivers has an abundance of cool, fresh pools ideal for bathing. Simply pick a river, follow it, and you are sure to stumble on a perfect spot. Even by following one of our rivers upstream, you will experience a massive variety of chill out spots and bathing pools.

Most of the rivers contain, somewhere, at least one waterfall which will easily capture your imagination, and all of them contain plenty of ready made jacuzzis !

If you visit Trafalgar Falls or Soufriere, you can bathe in Dominica’s warm flowing rivers – pretty cool!

The local Dominica tradition is to spend a Sunday afternoon by a river, cooking a food and bathing in the pools, so by partaking in this tradition you are also taking in some proper culture !

Click here to listen to the sounds of rivers flowing around 3 rivers!