At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle



Dominica is home to some spectacular and unique wildlife, both on land and in the sea.

Over 170 species of birds have so far been seen in Dominica, including two types of indigenous parrots.Twelve species of bats are among the few known land mammals, apart from the people.
As well as the birds, there is an enormous amount of interesting insects of all shapes, colours and sizes.

There are no poisonous snakes in Dominica, but there are a few boas around which will do you no harm.
Other wildlife to be found in the forest include iguanas, opossums (manicou), agouti (which is sort of a cross between a rat and a guinea pig), frogs (including the almost extinct and highly protected mountain chicken), and crabs.

In the sea, as well as an abundance of brightly coloured fish and coral, there are many species of whales, turtles and dolphins, and Dominica is now one of the world’s top diving and marine wildlife destinations.

Our local beach at Rosalie (30 minutes walk from 3 Rivers) is a popular nesting ground for a few different types of sea turtles, and whale watching is also a popular and rewarding activity here in Dominica.