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3 RIVERS FALLS This incredible waterfall can be reached following a really simple 45 minute walk from 3 Rivers.
The trail is both beautiful and extremely easy, and involves a well made track and a little river walking.
You can bathe under this 100-foot high cold shower and hear the sound of your screams echoing all around.
The water drops close to a massive tree which forms a junction between 3 rivers, completely different from the rivers meeting at 3 Rivers itself !!


This cascade of five totally different waterfalls, gushing ferociously from great heights, lies hidden deep in the mountains of Dominica, directly behind 3 Rivers.
After a two or three hour hike through the awe-inspiring forest, you arrive at the lowest of the five falls.
To reach the rest you must climb the rocks at the edge of falls.
Not too easy, but well worth the effort. The only way to get the most from these falls is to camp overnight in the Dominica rainforest and return slowly the next afternoon.


Situated within the Newfoundland Estate, an hour river hike away from 3 Rivers, these two sets of stunning little cascades will take your breath away. Easy access, stunning rainforest surroundings and plenty of water to bathe in.


Starting right here at 3 Rivers, the hike to Flocky’s falls is short and beautiful through the lush rainforest. You can either follow the river for about an hour and a half, or follow a trail for 20 minutes, followed by 20 minutes walking up the river. A cool deep pool on the ridge between the two falls, and it is a truly stunning little spot. Not on the Dominica tourist maps.


An hour and a half walk from 3 Rivers, up and down windy mountain trails, passing through the village of Grand fond, brings you to a beautiful little waterfall in a rock covered canopy cave, with a cathedral like shelter of trees overhead. Quiet and cool.


A twenty minutes drive, followed by a short twenty minute trail on a slippery track, leads you to two amazing little falls, hidden away in the forest and rarely visited. Both of them have excellent pools for bathing and it is a cool place to relax the day away.


Join our regular hike, about an hour and a half, followed by a difficult tree root descent of a cliff, to WAVINE CYRIQUE FALLS Here you will see a magnificent waterfall cascading from 130 feet off the cliff directly into the ocean. If you have even the slightest fear of heights this one is not for you.


Just an hour and a half stroll from 3 rivers is the fabulous Fond Morgan Falls. They are in the heart of the village of Riviere Cyrique, an area of Dominica with plenty of wonderful natural sites. Most of the way is on the road, and the last 10 minutes is a short river hike into the rainforest – simple and amazing!

3 Basins :Riviere Cyrique

The short 5 minute walk from the main road to see the most amazing 3 small river pools, with an array of stunning little cascades, begins just after the village of Riviere Cyrique, which is about a half hour walk from Fond Morgan. Total journey time on foot is 2 hours from the eco lodge, by car is 10 minutes!


The Emerald Pool waterfall is not far from 3 Rivers and involves nothing difficult at all.
A simple walk to a small, pleasant waterfall and pool. It is not advisable to visit when a cruise ship is in town, as you will find bus loads of tourists there, due to the very easy access, but it is a special spot!


These two stunning waterfalls can be reached by taking a five hour each way hike from 3 Rivers, passing by the Freshwater Lake, or by taking an hour and a half’s drive to the village of Trafalgar, followed by a ten minute, very easy, walk to a viewing platform. Each is incredible and unique, and there are quite a few different pools, both hot and cold, for bathing. You can climb the rocks and get right under one of the waterfalls


This is one of Dominica’s most famous falls. Reached after hiking for about an hour from La Plaine which is a 20 minute drive from 3 rivers. The actual trail involves quite a lot of river walking into the rainforest, and is prone to wet and slippery stones! As long as you take your time you will be fine.


The trail for VICTORIA FALLS falls, probably the most impressive falls on the island, begins in the village of Delices, which is a forty minute drive south of 3 Rivers. After meeting the ‘guardian’ of the falls, a super friendly rasta named Moses, and his family, you will begin the hour long river hike into the forest to your destination VICTORIA FALLS You will not be disappointed.


A hike for advanced hikers which lasts about 7 hours in total. The walk begins in the beautiful village of Cassegory, near La Plaine, and is one of the most spectacular and lesser known sites of Dominica, passing through unspoilt rainforest you arrive at 3 stunning waterfalls and some gorgeous natural pools.According to local legend, you may get the chance to see a mermaid or two.

One of Dominica’s tallest waterfalls is reached after a two hour hike through the rainforest, passing through an ancient coffee plantation, and then the Tou Santi ( stinking hole ), a collapsed lava tube emitting warm gasses, where you will see a few bats in the crevices on the sides. The return journey is another two hours.