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At one with nature, safe and secluded in Dominica's jungle: Bamboo Tree Houses, Rustic Cabin, Camping and Dormitory accommodations,in a unique & natural environment

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The Mwena, or Round House, was built at the end of 2004 and was our first Carib Indian jungle lodge at the Rosalie Forest Eco Lodge.

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This is The Mwena, a traditonal Carib Indian Round House, made from Verti Vert grass and citronel, materials that can be found in many areas of Dominica by the roadsides, and it grows back very quickly.

Built with the help of some Carib Indian friends, in the Dominica jungle, the cabin is about 15 minutes hike up a fairly hilly trail directly behind Lodge reception area

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The short walk is pretty steep, and is not suited to all of our guests, but when you reach the jungle lodge, the area is flat and you will certainly not be disturbed ; except by the wildlife.

The lodge is has a traditional Carib log double bed and a hammock; the only additional western comforts are a mattress and a mosquito net. There is an electric light, powered by a wind turbine which is mounted 100 feet up in the trees over the rainforest canopy.

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Due to the remoteness of the eco jungle lodge, a member of the hotel staff will visit you regularly upon request. He is there to assist you throughout your stay. If you want him to fetch and carry, or show you the traditional methods of cooking and general jungle living, all you need do is ask.

If it is solitude and/or tranquillity that you seek, The Mwena, deep in the jungle, will really provide you with the opportunity to be alone and enjoy the true beauty of the rainforest. Definitely an unique hotel accommodation.

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