At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle

Phillip Family Homestay

The Phillip family, Brenda and her husband Sylvester, lives in the middle of the village of Grand Fond, Dominica.Brenda is a vendor at the Emerald Pool, where she sells all kinds of souvenirs, including those created by her gifted son, Franky, who spends much of his time making local carfts for sale, in his art studio below the house.
Phillip family hone stay dominica
phillip house home stay dominica
Her husband Sylvester works in construction, and grandson Zidan, aged 2, also lives in the house, as does Brendas youngest daughter, Camilia, aged 15.
The accommodation. The Phillip household is a lively one, with people visiting the family, as well as Franky’s studio regularly.

The bedroom offered has twin beds, and is bright and comfortable. The living room is large and is where most of the family spend most evenings, except for Franky who can guide you to the village bar.

phillip house home stay dominica
phillip house home stay dominica
To Do Learn how to make local arts and crafts with Franky, visit the school with Camilia, or spend time selling trinkets with Brenda at the Emerald Pool.

The family are regulars at the local catholoc church every Sunday.