At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle

Leslie Family Home Stay


Hi, I am Mrs Hatty Leslie, and I live high up in the village of Grand Fond, on the east coast of Dominica, with my husband Jean Claude and our 11 year old adopted son, Nickell. I am the Principal at the Grand Fond primary School, whilst Jean Claude is a prison officer on the islands one small prison.

We are located in the village of Grand Fond,home to about 800 people, on the east coast of Dominica, surrounded by rivers and rainforest.
There are waterfalls close to the village and lots of great hikes available. We are half hour walk from Rosalie beach, a popular nesting ground for sea turtles. Our village is peaceful and the people are extremely welcoming and friendly.

The accommodation.

Our house is modern and has all the necessary facilities. Telephone- local and magic jack are readily available, wifi internet and cable TV are available.
The kitchen is spacious, living and dinning rooms are comfortable, bathroom is comfortable.
There are 3 double bedrooms upstairs, and 3 downstairs, hot water shower is available both upstairs and downstairs, ventilation is good
The home is surrounded by hedges main up mainly of croton and lillies.There are also roses,musheander and a number of other flowers.We have lime oranges , tangerine, sugarcane, vegetables, yams , dasheen, bananas, tree crops among others in our backyard.

The are 2 available bedrooms, both are spacious and comfortable, with loads of cupboard space. One has a double bed, and one has two single beds. The family often relaxes in the living room during the evenings to watch television and Hatty says she likes to talk and meet people, Jean Claude likes the soccer!!

To Do

Life with the Leslie’s is full of fun. You can help collect the eggs from their local chickens in the morning, go to Catholic church with the family on a Sunday, or relax and chat with Leslie and Jean Claude. Jean Claude also enjoys working in their garden at the back of the house. And if you get web withdrawal symptoms, the Leslie’s also have internet access in their home.

Family Hobbies: Football, Computer games, Gardening, Reading, Painting, Sports, Television, singing, meeting people, drawing, news.