At one with nature, Safe & Secluded in the Dominica jungle

Lazare Family Homestay

Gweneth, (aka Shi Shi) is most definitely the head of the Lazare household. She lives with her husband, Andrew, her grandson Anton, and her two adopted young children, Jonika and Johnson. They also have a cat named Tiger – so beware.
Before retiring, Shi Shi was the head of restaurant and housekeeping here at 3 Rivers Eco Lodge, Anton, is a local hero fireman and a qualified tour guide, as well as being the singing Cadence Lypso champion of Dominica, 2014.
Andrew, whilst currently unemployed, is working built a massive extension to the family home.
Jonika and Jonhson  both attend Castle Bruce secondary school.

There are two guest rooms available in the, original, traditional part of the house, which are basic and comfortable.

The Lazare family home an interesting mixture of modern and traditional Dominican architecture, with an old coal pot wooden structure kitchen, as well as a new modern one in Andrew’s new extension.

House Facilities

  • Garden, Computer, Laundry, Parking, Pets (Indoor), TV

Family Hobbies; Sports, Cooking, Computer games, Football, Socialising